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Sewage and drainage design

The sewage system is one of the most important communications of any modern building, whether it is a residential multi-apartment building, an office or a small private house. The customer's specification is used as the initial data for such a project, which will be assisted by a team of professional engineers who will take into account the dimensions of the building and all its internal premises to which the sewer will be connected, architectural features and the location of the water supply nodes with which the sewer is directly connected.

It is worth discussing the cost of designing drainage and sewage systems - since each house is unique, there cannot be a single price for all projects or types of projects.

The cost is formed based on:

  • scope of work;
  • the number of bathrooms;
  • their type and location.

The exact price can be outlined after the documentation development process and all measurements are completed.

Design of drainage systems

For private houses, water supply can be served by two sources - this is a central water supply and local sources, such as a well. Such sources can be used separately or together - it all depends on the specifics of the location and architecture of the building.

Designing sewage and water drainage systems in an apartment building is a larger-scale, but customized process, since only the central water supply is used for it. To start the work, you need to calculate the required volume of water consumption and contact the network owner. In the absence of the technical possibility of connection, you will receive requirements that must be strictly followed, and specialists will also help with this.

Design of external sewage requires agreement. All design work related to the connection is performed by a design organization that has the appropriate permission, and therefore, when choosing a contractor, be sure to seek help from professionals so that the work is legal and safe.

The design of water supply and sewage systems ends with the transfer to the operating organization for approval. After the agreement is received, you can begin construction work.

Storm sewers and drains design

Storm sewer design is an important part of the overall system. This applies to both private houses and their multi-apartment counterparts.

Проектування зливової каналізації

It is important to choose the right pumping equipment, in the case of designing storm sewers in complex, often flooded locations, taking into account the characteristics of the pipeline - this way the equipment will work much longer. In total, several specialized specialists will be involved in the work.

The design of the drainage network takes into account all the features of the structures of the houses and the load on them, so that the house and the surrounding area are not flooded in case of heavy rains or spring snow melting

Entrust this complex of difficult work to professionals, ensure guaranteed comfortable conditions for work and life both in the building and in the surrounding area!

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