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Design of engineering networks

Design of engineering networks of buildings and structures is the key to a high-quality infrastructure base, no matter what kind of object you are building. The process is time-consuming, and therefore it is important to seek help from professionals. At the design stage, it is important not to make mistakes, because they can lead to a sad final result of the whole matter.

Design of engineering networks is the key to comfort, so it is not worth saving on this. Usually this article takes from 25 to 40% of all project costs, depending on its complexity.

An important point: the design of engineering networks of buildings is necessary not only during the construction of a new building, but also during the reconstruction of existing structures

Design features of building engineering networks

Globally, the process of designing engineering networks of a residential building is not much different from designing for an industrial enterprise, but it still requires more attention to working out the mechanisms of the complex of all engineering networks in a large number of internal premises of the building.

Design of engineering networks of a large residential building or residential complex can be quite expensive - this is explained by the scale of the project and the need to establish the complex interaction of some engineering networks and their future stable operation not only within the entire building, but also in a significant number of individual internal premises.

It is necessary to attract a lot of specialists of a narrow profile to work on large projects, each of whom is responsible for a specific direction and to ensure their interaction within a global project, so that the results of their work do not conflict with each other in the overall project.

Designing includes a whole complex of works - from the development of the lighting and heating system to sewage, water drainage, air conditioning and some other systems, and separate specialists are responsible for each direction. Usually, design services are performed by 11 to 20 people, depending on the size of the specific object and its specifics.

The result of the design is, directly, the project itself with drawings of engineering networks, which describes the scheme of their laying and all the necessary project documentation, as well as the scheme of connection to general engineering networks, for example - power supply and city sewerage.

Engineering network design standards and regulations

All design processes are carried out by the "One Project" company in full compliance with the requirements of GOSTs and DBNs - this guarantees an excellent result in the form of professional project, from an engineering point of view, and correctly formed project documentation, which will help, to obtain all the necessary construction permits without problems or reconstruction of each specific engineering network. In addition, the project necessarily takes into account all state sanitary rules and regulations for the organization, maintenance of general educational institutions and organization of the educational process, so that communications are not only reliable, but also protect against other potential troubles and provide, directly to users of engineering systems, comfortable interaction with them.

Design of engineering networks - stages of work

The design of engineering networks of water supply, heating, electricity supply, and ventilation includes the following standardized stages: :

  • -development of the concept - basic decisions are made here on the types, power and other quantitative indicators of systems, the need to allocate separate rooms, and manufacturers are chosen. At this stage, the company presents the concept of designing networks of offices, apartments or other relevant premises. And at this stage, the cost, energy costs and other necessary resources for the implementation of the project become clear;
  • the next stage is the development of project documentation. It includes the development of drawings and all other documents that define urban planning, volumeplanning, architectural, structural, technical, technological solutions, as well as estimates for the construction or reconstruction of all engineering networks
  • at the final stage, the design center of the "One Project" company presents the project documentation - it must be coordinated with the expertise in order to carry out the following construction and installation works without hindrance.

Regardless of whether you need the design of engineering networks for a small private house, large residential complexes or industrial buildings, it is critically necessary to seek help from professionals who will accurately create a project that takes into account all the necessary norms and engineering nuances that allow you to create the most effective engineering system

We can design all types of building engineering networks:

  • heating;
  • ventilation;
  • water supply;
  • drainage, sewerage;
  • electricity supply

We will design all necessary systems quickly, affordably and in full compliance with all technical requirements.

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