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Water supply design of the building

Designing the water supply of the building is one of the important stages in the design of buildings and the future arrangement of housing, public or industrial premises, because not only the availability of water in the necessary nodes, with sufficient pressure for comfortable use, but also the sewage system depends on the water supply.

Each project of water supply for residential, non-residential, and industrial buildings is very individual and differs not only in system capacity, based on the functional requirements of the purpose of the buildings, but also by such factors as:

  • availability of a central sewage system;
  • availability of a central water supply;
  • the possibility of connecting to the above-mentioned central communications;
  • capacity of the planned sewage system.

Water supply design of a multi-story building

The water supply project for an apartment building depends on a lot of factors - and if it is not so difficult for professionals to understand and calculate the required system capacity and the required minimum and maximum pressure, then, for example, the use of such a system not in tandem with central sewage, but with septic tanks or with a closed sewage system with treatment facilities of a different type, requires a very detailed study of the water supply project, taking into account a lot of hidden nuances.

The process of designing a water supply system for a high-rise building requires an understanding of the location of the connection point to the central network and, of course, the very presence of the connection point, which, in turn, requires an installation permit (technical conditions). The correct project of the water supply system is agreed at all stages starting from the creation of its project. Installation of counters and filters is mandatory for large residential buildings.

A high-quality project for a multi-story building involves choosing the most convenient way of laying, that is, using the shortest path without diversions. Globally, a high-rise building's water supply project is created in exactly the same way as the water supply project of any other large facility with a connection to the central network, and in addition to the specifics of the building itself, it is important to take into account the weather conditions in the region and the influence of the climate on the work of communications, it is often necessary use heat insulation of the pipeline.

Therefore, in order to take into account all the above-mentioned and many unmentioned factors, it is necessary to entrust the development of such a large-scale project only to the most experienced professionals with the best reputation.

Water supply design of a private house

Water supply design for small private houses and cottages , except the scale and power of the system itself, has a number of differences from the design of the above system for high-rise buildings. Many small settlements and suburban areas do not have a centralized water supply and sewage system, so water supply projects for such cases provide for the organization of water supply from alternative sources and its draining into a small closed sewer, usually a septic tank. This makes adjustments both in the mechanism of obtaining building and installation permits and directly in the methods of designing and further work.

For example, for a private house to take water, it will be necessary to do one of the following points:

  • connect to the central network, if there is one;
  • organize supply from the well;
  • ensure withdrawal from the well.

As you can understand, only from a brief description of the design features of water supply systems in private low-rise buildings and cottages, there are a whole lot of factors that need to be taken into account when designing, and only highly qualified professionals can perform such work qualitatively.

Water supply design of the building - general features

The process of designing the building's water pipeline in our company involves not only the development of all project documentation, but also directly takes into account the need to describe the specifics of the installation during the execution of the work. The project of water supply and sewerage is closely related and usually, the mechanisms of their interaction with each other and connection are developed immediately at the design stage. The project must take into account the data on the composition of the water - the parameters of the filtration system depend on this.

The design of the water supply and sewerage of the building usually takes up to 20% of the total estimate of the project of the entire structure or complex of structures. Large projects require the involvement of about 20 specialists of various profiles, and the "One Project" company has a sufficient number of such specialists to implement a project of any scale.

Our experienced team will help you with the design of water pipes and sewers of any type and size, both during the construction of new buildings and during the reconstruction of already built ones. Entrust the design to an experienced team and get a guaranteed high-quality result for many years!

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