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Design of exhibition halls, clubs

When designing exhibition halls, halls or clubs, every detail is important. After all, art is the cultural heritage of the country, which must be protected. Now the level of construction of exhibition halls has reached its peak and is a reflection of the industrial and technical development of the country.

The design of clubs and galleries should be entrusted to professionals who will create an interesting concept of a cultural and entertainment center and will competently approach each stage of construction.

Design of exhibition halls, clubs

Designing of exhibition centers

The design of exhibition halls has a large number of features that must be taken into account during their construction:

  • to provide enough free space for the work of special equipment in the hall, because many exhibits are difficult to install using only human power;
  • correctly zone the space and create several exhibition halls, different in purpose and style;
  • provide for the availability of a congress hall, cloakroom, utility rooms and staff rooms;
  • carefully calculate communication systems (air conditioning, pipeline, sewage);
  • create a modern design that could meet the needs of exhibition organizers in various directions;
  • make partitions, walls and shelves as mobile and ergonomic as possible.

Professional designers who have experience in this field are well acquainted with all the nuances of this type of design. That is why it is recommended to contact them for a high-quality project

Architectural project of a night club

The night club project is similar in features and requirements to the exhibition center project , but has several features of the building and interior equipment of the premises. It is important to take into account in both cases, during development, that it is important to comply with all requirements of fire safety and sanitaryepidemiological service.

Design features of nightclubs:

  • A building for a night club should be located at least 150 meters from a residential area and have a separate entrance and a convenient entrance. It cannot be located near educational institutions and religious communities.
  • Ensuring good noise insulation plays a key role in creating a professional night club project.
  • It is necessary to properly build a security and face control system at the entrance to the club and introduce a convenient "club card" payment system.
  • Sound equipment, equipment, DJ stands and dance floors - every element of design and equipment must be thought out to the smallest detail.

When developing an architectural project of a fashionable night club , it is necessary to come up with an interesting concept of the institution - modern and unique. This will attract visitors and make your business profitable from a commercial point of view.

It is important to take into account the narrow focus of the institution and the audience it is designed for. Such important factors as the location of the facility, its design and the choice of materials for construction will depend on this. For strip bars and clubs for people with a non-traditional orientation, it is better to choose places in quiet areas of the city and locate the building a little away from the fast rhythm of the city.

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