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Design of sports complexes, stadiums, swimming pools

Design of sports complexes, stadiums, swimming pools

Designing of sports complexes is a difficult task that requires a complex approach and a carefully prepared project. The creation of a sports complex project should be entrusted to professionals who will come up with an interesting concept for the center and find the optimal solution for its implementation. Compliance with fire safety rules and sanitary and hygienic requirements is one of the key conditions of a high-quality project of a sports complex.

Typical projects of sports complexes

Sometimes projects are developed on the basis of already existing standard projects.

A sports complex, the project of which is developed by experienced professional designers, regardless of whether it is developed "from scratch" or on the basis of an already existing model, will be multifunctional and reliable, and most importantly, it will be maximally adapted for practicing all the specified sports. The uniqueness of the object is created due to the modern design and qualitatively prepared typical projects of sports complexes , on the basis on which, through minor changes and adaptations, a unique project is created, which is already adapted to the new needs of the customer and the peculiarities of the construction process in a specific place.

Stadium design

The first thing that qualified engineers do before starting development is to create a sketch project of a sports complex . The quality, functionality and relevance of the future object will depend on it. Economically profitable and professional design of sports complexes is the key to the success and prosperity of your business.

Stadium design

To create a city-scale stadium project, it is necessary to involve a large team of specialists, which will include designers, engineers, architects, sports experts, etc. They will help bring an interesting concept to life and provide qualified assistance at every stage of construction. Safety in this matter comes first and separates it from the unique idea of the project. The correct division of the territory into sectors and the ergonomics of the structures directly affect the ease of operation of the sports complex. Considering all these nuances, it is recommended to seek help only from professionals. We will create a high-quality project taking into account all the features of this type of construction!

Design of swimming pools

The price of developing a pool project is not cheap, but it fully justifies the end result. A well-prepared public pool project should have the following components:

  • three-dimensional image of the sketch;
  • a full description of all parts and technical elements of the design with explanations;
  • technical characteristics of stationary installations and permission for their commissioning from the relevant authorities;
  • drawing of communications and additional buildings;
  • a detailed plan for carrying out construction works;
  • estimate.

The project of a public swimming pool has a difficult construction and implies compliance with many construction norms, hygienic standards and safety rules. Modern swimming pool projects have great functionality and open up unlimited opportunities for investors and businessmen.

Projects of swimming pools for country houses and cottages are created taking into account the structural features of the site and premises and include all the wishes of customers. The use of modern materials and innovative ideas of European colleagues will create luxurious conditions for relaxation and swimming!

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