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Cinemas and theaters designing

The design of cinemas is carried out taking into account certain safety rules and norms. It is necessary that the building was reliable, and the hall creates the most comfortable conditions for watching a movie

It is worth involving a team of professionals for this, which will include designers, architects, engineers, acoustic specialists, designers and others. Their group work will allow to create a unique concept of the building and maximally adapt the premises for mass visits.

Theater designing

Designing is a difficult task and requires highly qualified specialists, especially when it comes to the creation of cultural buildings that can be the pride and historical value of the city in the future. The design of theaters always begins with the development of a general concept and calculation of all the risks and features of this construction. At the same time, it is necessary to:

  • the surrounding buildings and the presence of the adjacent territory are taken into account;
  • the general planning of cinema halls, halls, cash register and entertainment areas, households and utility rooms is evaluated;
  • calculations for the installation of acoustic and video systems are carried out;
  • a layout plan for air conditioning, ventilation, sewage, heating and electricity systems is created;
  • the geometry of cinema halls and their equipment is calculated;
  • emergency exits are being considered.

For the architectural project of the theater and cinema, we create modern 2D and 3D projections and implement the boldest design solutions for the interior and facade of the building.

Cinemas and theaters designing

Features of the architectural project of a cinema, theater

When developing an architectural project of a cinema building, it is necessary to take into account many important requirements that regulatory bodies put forward for this type of premises. All these norms and regulations are prescribed in the legislative acts and normative documents of the fire inspection, the urban planning code and the sanitary-epidemiological service.

The main rule of construction of buildings for mass attendance is the use of fire-resistant materials. The architectural project of the theater , designed for more than 2,000 seats, should have fire exits leading to the street in a spacious yard. These standards are put forward for the safety of people and are strictly controlled by the fire inspection.

Constructive features

The architectural project of the theater is created using modern constructive solutions, where every detail plays an important role. Everything is important here - from the choice of flooring to the height of the ceilings and the width of the openings. It is necessary to think over the smallest details of the building, where the key is to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for visitors. Equipment, materials, communication systems, location of the building, its architecture, design and chosen style create a unique atmosphere for good mood and cultural enrichment of people. OneProject design office is an expert in design issues. Contact us and get a high-class professional theater or cinema project from a reliable partner.

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