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Hospitals and medical clinics designing

The design of hospitals and other medical institutions has a number of features that must be taken into account when developing the project. Medical centers can have different orientations and provide a wide range of services to clients. The project of the building of the veterinary clinic, for example, is very different from the project of dentistry, and is created according to completely different principles. It doesn't matter what type of clinic belongs to - it is better to entrust the design of clinics to professionals! They will help create comfortable conditions for the treatment of patients and take into account all the nuances of a specific construction.

Hospitals and medical clinics designing

Designing of a dental clinic

Specialists who undertake the design of dentistry must have high qualifications and know all the latest achievements and developments used in this field. The project of the clinic must comply with the sanitary and epidemiological norms and the established legal requirements of regulatory documents.

Stages of cooperation with specialists:

  • carrying out a comprehensive audit aimed at identifying all the features of the construction and specifics of the clinic;
  • obtaining permission for construction or reconstruction from state authorities;
  • development of the concept and project of a private clinic;
  • drawing up an estimate and a working project (at this stage, experts choose the material most adapted to the construction of medical institutions, calculate its cost and draw up a plan for laying out communications);
  • coordinating the project with management and making adjustments;
  • implementation of the project and control at all stages of work.

The project of the medical clinic is developed taking into account certain rules, which should not be neglected in any case. This difficult and expensive work fully justifies the investment, because correcting the mistakes made in the planning of the dental clinic after the completed construction will be very expensive and problematic.

Basic principles of dental clinic designing

The design of dentistry begins after determining the list of services it provides. It can be a private office in a residential building or a separate building where there will be a department of surgery, orthodontics and prosthetics. The hospital project should be designed for the target audience of visitors and have a modern concept.

The project of a dental clinic , which has an X-ray room, must be developed taking into account radiation safety and all rules for its observance. Creating a plan for the ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, heating, electricity supply and sewage system is one of the most difficult stages, at which designers should be as competent as possible. Laboratories and clinical equipment often require special operating conditions, for example, the need to supply water to the dental drill.

The project should ensure that the staff will have no difficulties in providing quality services to customers. At the same time, all patients should feel comfortable and safe in the hospital in order to calmly enjoy the high quality of the services provided.

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