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Schools and kindergartens designing

Educational institutions of school and preschool education belong to the city objects of special importance, in addition, every developer knows that the presence of schools and kindergartens in residential complexes makes housing much more attractive for investors and increases the value of apartments in it, which is why it is worth approaching their construction as responsible as possible. A properly developed architectural project of the school will help to functionally divide the premises into rest areas and work classes and create adapted learning conditions for children with disabilities. This work should be entrusted to professionals with many years of experience. Professional designers will develop a modern design of the building and select safe materials for the construction of the institution.

Peculiarities of schools and kindergartens designing

When developing a project for a kindergarten or school building , it is necessary to take into account the standards and requirements established by the state. The children's institution cannot be higher than three floors, and it is forbidden to use toxic and flammable materials for its construction. It is impossible not to take into account the size of the adjacent territory, which should have a sports ground, a green area, parking for parents and fences. Among the most significant nuances of designing kindergartens and schools , which must be taken into account during their construction, the following can be highlighted:

  • rational use of free area, leaving enough free space;
  • comply with fire safety and hygiene standards;
  • the area of the adjacent territory should be of sufficient size at the rate of 5 square meters per child;
  • the distance to the nearest residential object should be at least 10 meters from the extreme point of the adjacent territory;
  • it is necessary to ensure a reliable level of noise insulation between classrooms and the sports hall;
  • the minimum capacity of the assembly hall should be calculated for 25% of pupils;
  • all rooms should be lit by natural light and have additional lighting.

Development and stages of architectural design of the school

The design of schools and kindergartens consists of five important stages, each of which must be carried out responsibly. The first thing that should be done before starting to develop a plan for the construction of a building is to strictly outline its specialization and narrow oriantation of learning. The project of the school differs sharply from the project of the music school and from the peculiarities of the design of kindergartens.

The most important stage is the registration of all necessary permits and documents for the construction of objects of this type. Then there is the preparation of a sketch of the project and an estimate.

At the third stage, communication systems are planned and the finished project is approved by state regulatory bodies. The fourth step is to draw up a working project, the presence of which is mandatory for the facility. After the engineers and designers have coped with the difficult task, the last stage remains - passing the examination.

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