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Design of administrative buildings

Development of the project of the administrative building is an important stage for the successful construction of office buildings of state institutions. It is better to entrust this matter to experienced professionals who will help create a comfortable environment for the productive work of the staff. The efficiency of the institution will largely depend on this!

Plan of the administrative building: norms and regulations

The design of the administrative building must meet certain standards, including fire safety regulations and established occupational health and safety regulations.

The main requirements for the construction of non-production buildings:

  • the height of the ceilings is not less than three meters, with the exception of rooms located in residential buildings;
  • the width of the corridors is not less than 1.2 meters;
  • waiting areas and halls must be at least 2.4 meters wide with a height of 2.4 m or more;

There are many epidemiological and sanitary norms that must be taken into account and calculated when developing projects of administrative buildings . Only an expert with experience can cope with such a task.

Design features of administrative buildings

Design features of administrative buildings

When creating a plan for an administrative building, it is necessary to take care of the conciseness and expediency of the general concept of the premises. A correctly chosen design will help emphasize its functional purpose and become its business card. Professionals recommend following some recommendations:

  • the building should not only fit into the architectural concept of the urban development, but also stand out favorably in it;
  • the choice of material for the construction of the administrative building must correspond to the climatic features of the region, be of high quality and wear-resistant;
  • it is necessary to take into account sanitary and hygienic requirements and other norms and regulations established by legislation;
  • the surrounding area should be improved, have free parking spaces for clients of the institution and convenient access to the entrance.

Stages of creating a project of an administrative building

The administrative building, the project of which is being developed, must include five stages of preparation before its approval.

At the first stage, the designer collects data about the object and, based on them, creates a general concept. He takes into account all the nuances and peculiarities of construction and, taking as a basis the requirements and wishes of the customer, supplements them with his own constructive solutions.

The second stage involves the preparation of a sketch, which is developed taking into account all the data collected earlier. The preliminary sketch is agreed with the management and, if necessary, corrections are made.

The third stage includes detailed design of each room and drawing of all engineering solutions. The finished project of the administrative building is coordinated with the customer, who can make his adjustments, for example, change the width of the hall of 1-2 floors.

At the fourth stage, a construction project is being developed, in which ventilation, heating, water supply and sewage systems, as well as fire and security systems are being thought out.

The fifth stage consists in approving the project in state institutions and control bodies.

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