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Development of hotel projects

Hotels are objects that are characterized by their multifunctionality. When designing hotels, it is important to take into account many requirements and regulations. Therefore, every entrepreneur who wants to open a similar business should know about the key points included in the project, evaluate the format of the hotel and the hotel, as well as have an understanding of possible planning solutions and features of room design.

The professionals of our architectural bureau will help to design a hotel. We are able to develop a concept of any complexity. A responsible approach on the part of architects and designers will allow to create a truly unique and functional project that will meet all standards and requirements.

Where does the development of the hotel project begin?

The hotel project gives architects and designers the opportunity to realize all their experience in creating the object. Implementation may be limited by the budget assigned to the project and regulatory and legislative requirements.

The sketch project of the hotel is carried out in several stages:

1. Preparatory. At this stage, there is an assessment of the territory where construction is planned, or an assessment of the object for reconstruction, its quality. A thorough study and analysis of the entire site, the relief and composition of the land, the location of communications is being carried out. This information allows you to speed up the architect's work and make it more efficient.

2. Formulation of main tasks. The customer can develop them independently or turn to professionals for help. They will help to decide on the general concept, as well as the final cost, scale of the hotel project .

3. Preliminary sketch. It is approved by the customer and is created on the basis of the existing package of documents. The visual layout consists of a complex of graphic representations of each floor. Experiments with the decoration and design of rooms, with the distribution of zones are permissible here.

4. Direct project design. At this stage, every detail of the hotel territory and the complex itself is designed. The entire work of the target teams of specialists is coordinated, which are analyzed and approved by the chief architect

5. Collection of documentation portfolio. All elements are carefully checked and processed. As a result, a specification is issued for each item.

6. Final approval and start of the construction process. The customer is provided with all the necessary data to obtain a construction permit.

7. If necessary, we provide author supervision during construction.

Projects of mini-hotels are in particular demand . Our bureau helps to develop the highest quality projects of mini-hotels with 6, 8, 15 and 20 rooms . Such a mini-hotel project will please you with its cost and practicality

Why should you order a hotel project?

The design project of a mini-hotel or a standard hotel is always based on the business concept and the general style of the brand (if we are talking about hotel chains and the brand has already been created). It should meet the guests' expectations from staying in the room. Guests spend quite a large part of their time relaxing in their room, and the overall impression depends on the comfortable interior. Therefore, in this case, the creation of the project should be trusted only to professionals.

To make the dream of an ideal hotel come true, it is enough to turn to specialists who are ready and able to listen to the customer. After all, its profit and reputation depend on how much the project will satisfy the wishes of the hotel's guests.

You can order a hotel project from us at an objective and reasonable price. A whole team of professionals with extensive experience will help you create and implement a project from scratch.

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