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Car wash designing

In order to successfully run a car wash, an entrepreneur needs to solve many technical and material tasks. The project of a car wash always begins with the selection of a room and includes the placement of all necessary equipment, water supply and electrical wiring (main communications).

Permit documentation and many other details that need to be taken into account and provided will be required. Our design office will allow you to solve many problems related to creating the best car wash design project.

What elements do car wash projects consist of?

Any car wash project begins with visual illustrations. In this case, sketches are used, and a technical task is developed. The technical task includes the following points:

  • the main parameters of the future car wash, calculation and development of technical elements;
  • list of equipment and installation work in accordance with state standards and requirements;
  • compliance with safety regulations and compliance with rules related to environmental protection;
  • schematic planning of the square, secondary buildings;
  • requirements for construction works;
  • vision of the customer his future business.

Проектирование автомоек

The draft car wash project is an important document that requires coordination with the regulatory authorities. Even if the plan is to open a self-service car wash , then a serious project needs to be developed here too.

When creating a project of a self-service car wash , you need to go through all the same stages as when creating a project of a manual car wash or a tunnel-type car wash, the main difference will be in the choice of equipment and its placement in the service building. By contacting our design office for help, you receive documentation in strict accordance with all norms and rules for further problem-free legal work and putting the object into operation.

What does the car wash project involve?

It is quite difficult to find an ordinary car wash that does not have additional zones. Traditionally, the modern design and design of such a business involves placing a grocery store, selling car accessories, a cafe, and other opportunities for additional income.

The project of a self- service car wash or a service car wash of a standard type provides or can provide:

1) availability of a recreation area;

2) placement of equipment;

3) functional placement of pavilions;

4) scheme of conducting communication systems;

5) parking spaces;

6) dismantling of the building structure;

7) comfortable and convenient entrance;

8) planning of other premises in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Our specialists develop car wash projects for 1 post, car wash projects for 2 posts, car wash projects for 3 posts, as well as car wash projects for 4 or more posts.

Car wash project: why should you trust professionals?

In the process of developing a self-service car wash, a manual or automatic tunnel car wash and its project, the client, together with our specialists, is engaged in drawing up a technical task. With its help, it will be possible to identify all key aspects, including even the removal of garbage, ways to check the quality of the water used, the aggregate composition, and others. The prepared project is always agreed with the customer. We take into account all the norms and requirements set by the legislation, which ensures the full legality of the future business and compliance with all construction regulations and the degree of impact on the environment.

If necessary, it is adjusted in a timely manner, and already on the basis of the final project, the arrangement or construction of the object takes place.

The most practical and functional and quickly assembled model of a modern car wash is based on modular designs. They are distinguished by increased strength, low cost and compactness.

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