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Design of railway stations and airports

Almost every architect dreams of offering the city his vision of a solution to the problem related to the design of a train station or airport. After all, these buildings are the business card of any Ukrainian city, and also create the first impression of tourists about it. The project of the train station and the project of the airport are always distinguished by the comfort and multifunctionality of the future building. Every day, these places are visited by a large number of people, therefore they require a responsible attitude from the project organization, both for the design of construction and for the project of capital repair, reconstruction or conversion. Our design office is able to cope with such tasks.

What is the design of stations and airports based on?

When designing a bus station building , it is important to understand that it is utilitarian. Often it is built on the basis of the use of prefabricated construction, excluding the use of the "wet process". The main components of such a building include a metal frame, a ventilated facade and stained glass systems.

It will not be possible to design the station without taking into account the transport junction and its accessibility, because this plays an important role in the creation of the project. At this stage, the correct location of the parking lot and the entrance to the building is organized. The project also indicates related facilities and businesses: hotels, restaurants/cafes, post offices, pharmacies or medical centers.

The construction of a public facility is always related to compliance with the requirements put forward by the supervisory authorities. The first place in the development of the station is the safe stay of people inside it. The future building must comply with the set of rules:

  • fire safety regulations;
  • sanitary and epidemiological requirements;
  • features of accommodation in the selected territory, as well as planning;
  • passenger and visitor access control rules;
  • anti-terrorist regulations;
  • noise and sound insulation requirements.

The design of the bus station, airfield , railway station is based on the specifics of the premises: waiting room, toilets, cafes, halls. The organization and planning of the building should include a comfortable stay on the territory of the station for persons with limited physical abilities.

Stages to design a train station

At the first stage, information related to the future object is collected. The project of any station is discussed directly with the customer. Based on all this, a commercial offer is created and developed.

At the second stage, there should be coordination of the documentation related to the project. The final price is approved and the contract is signed. Due to the agreement of the project details, the right to implement the completed project is given: execution of all installation works, erection and construction of supporting structures, testing of the engineering network.

Each stage related to the railway station , airport or bus station project is always accompanied by inspections and the signing of a special report on the results.

Where to order a station project?

You can order a project of a railway station in Ukraine in our project office. The project portfolio that we compile includes the following documents, without which construction is impossible: architectural decision, design decision, master plan, water pipes and sewers, ventilation and air conditioning system, placement of wiring diagram, fire alarm, fire protection system, smoke removal systems and others systems.

The cost of the project depends on the square footage of the future building, the correction factor for complexity, the use of typical repeated solutions or the development of a unique project from scratch.

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