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Design of shops and supermarkets

Anyone who wants to open their business related to offline retail should start with trade design. Regardless of the size and category of the store, a professionally and competently prepared project is an important stage on the way to profit. Our design bureau is not only engaged in the creation of projects of small stores , but also helps to design a supermarket of any size.

Design of shops and supermarkets

Considerable experience in this field allows us to satisfy the requests of each client with maximum efficiency and build the most effective internal logistics of the buyer in the trading hall. Without professional design, opening any commercial enterprise is a seriously risky investment.

What should be considered when planning a grocery store?

Thanks to the creation of numerous grocery store projects and the development of store interior design, our design bureau has formed its own effective system of arrangement of commercial objects. A non-standard, but at the same time, flexible approach to solving and designing projects by our specialists helps customers to attract, retain and encourage store customers to make purchases. The store design project created by us pays off quickly enough, so the price for it is affordable for every potential owner of a similar business.

Ordering the design of a supermarket or store will allow you to avoid common mistakes, including:

  • inconvenient, illogical or irrational zoning of the trading floor;
  • confusing navigation scheme;
  • wrong proximity of product groups;
  • intrusive advertising billboards;
  • aggressive interior and/or exterior design;
  • planning that does not take into account the capacity of the premises.

The interior design of the store plays a special role here , because it should be as pleasant and thoughtful as possible. It provides for the selection of a place for shopping areas, areas for storing and receiving goods, places for placing the necessary equipment.

What documents are included in the project portfolio?

Each store design project includes measurements and drawings. This also includes information about the necessary building materials and estimates for construction and repair works. Without these calculations and numbers, making a budget for the implementation of a business project will be quite difficult, even impossible.

Both for the store project of 50 square meters. m. , or the store project of 150 square meters. m will require general introductory data: the general plan of the premises, the area of operation of the outlet, requests and wishes from the customer.

Ordering the development of a store design for placement in Kyiv or another region of Ukraine from us, the client will receive a high-quality result. A team of highly qualified specialists will work on it. If necessary, a 3D tour of the facility is available.

To design a shop to order

The cost of the store design project , which our office deals with, will surprise you with its affordability. With such a project, it will not be difficult to open a modern retail trade enterprise. It is important to understand that proper planning increases the total sales volume and helps to get high profits in the future. The most common project options:

  • grocery store project 50 m2;
  • store project 150 sq. m. m;
  • project of a two-story store;
  • store project 200 m2;
  • shopping center projects for thousands of meters.

The creation of a project for a supermarket or an ordinary store is always based on a correct assessment of the situation and setting a target task for the architect, construction team, designer, technologist, retailer and other specialists involved in the project. All this is done before the start of construction work.

All components (including the assortment, display of goods, planning, service) consist in the concept of the shopping area. The specific requirements for the assigned tasks when designing your future grocery, food or mixed trade store depend on it.

Designing a mixed trade store

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