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Design of smart houses

Installation of a "smart home" system is always carefully planned in advance. This technology is created for the automatic and coordinated functioning of all systems responsible for life support and safety. A smart home is a project that will allow you to recognize changes in the external environment in order to respond to them in a timely manner in a certain way, not only thanks to the actions of the owners through an application on the phone or a control panel, but also automatically.

Specialists of our design bureau will help you professionally design a smart home system . Such a project will be maximally adapted to a specific building, which guarantees safety both during installation and during further use of the system.

What is a smart home project?

Smart home technologies are designed to automate various systems in everyday life. Their main goal is to simplify the user's life. Thanks to a properly designed smart home project, many routine duties and tasks do not cause irritation and fatigue in residents. The scheme of a smart house provides for the management of the following systems: heating, water supply, security, video surveillance.

The principle of operation consists in a number of commands that the user composes. The command is launched by a voice request or an application. The project of a smart house will be needed by everyone who wants the system to work flawlessly and take into account the individual characteristics of the building. The project considers how and where individual blocks and engineering communications will be located. The client, together with specialists, participates in creating the smart home of his dreams.

Design of smart houses

How is a smart home installed?

Designing a smart home by our specialists will allow you to set it up and put it into use much faster than independent planning. Among our clients, the service of designing smart houses is in the greatest demand in Kyiv, where the pace of life is the highest among other Ukrainian cities and where people value their time and home comfort the most

The customer who applies to our office chooses only the necessary and relevant functions for him. At the same time, it is not necessary for him to delve into all the technological aspects of the implementation of the smart home project.

The installation of the system is carried out in several stages:

1) Analysis and assessment of customer needs;

2) Calculation of square footage and building parameters;

3) Custom system design and exact cost calculation;

4) Mounting of components;

5) System settings.

It is important that the home owner can expand the capabilities of the installed "smart home" system at any time. To do this, you can install additional sensors and connect new functions.

Opportunities provided by the development of a smart home system

Designing a smart home system can open up new opportunities for the consumer. He receives independent regulation of the temperature regime in different rooms of his home, setting an optimal and comfortable indicator for each. At the same time, the security of the house is ensured on a permanent basis. The system responds in a timely manner to the occurrence of any emergency situations, for example, in the event of a breakdown of the heating module or electric cable.

The plan of a smart house allows you to save on electricity as well, because all the equipment quickly switches to economical mode (it is also worth considering the optimization of electric heating). This will reduce the payment for electricity up to 30-40%. It is also possible to remotely control the lighting using a special application. The light is turned on by activating motion sensors. It is possible to choose an imitation of sunset or sunrise in the home itself or to choose shades of lighting depending on the situation.

A comprehensive smart home management system will allow the home to truly "think". And in order for it to work for more than one year, it will be necessary to prepare a project for its placement in advance. The One Project company will gladly help you with this!

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