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Building reconstruction project

If it is necessary to carry out reconstruction of a building , for example, a morally outdated or historical building, then it is necessary to take care in advance that after the completion of all works, no problematic situations arise with the functionality of the renovated building, the quality of materials and the external design of the facade, which is especially important for buildings that are monuments of architecture. For this, it will be necessary to develop a project for the reconstruction of the building. Only under the condition of a professionally developed project, it will be possible to carry out all work in a high-quality and as quickly as possible and perform reconstruction in accordance with all legislative norms.

The reconstruction of an old building often involves carrying out not only global internal works to strengthen structures and external design of the facade, but also insulation of the outer surface of the walls. Therefore, many owners of outdated real estate and objects with historical architectural value, before the start of work, order a building reconstruction project , which will include the entire list of necessary works and will allow to determine their scope, cost and visual final result.

Building reconstruction project

Building renovation project: what is it?

The building reconstruction project, which can be ordered in our office, is a voluminous package of documentation. This includes drawings, explanatory notes, diagrams, plans, specifications for building materials, photos of the object, three-dimensional modeling with 3D visualization. The procedure for carrying out certain changes related to the external facade, layout and total area depends on the tasks set for the reconstruction of the building . They are displayed in the documentation.

Professional design of reconstruction of buildings (Private and country houses, cottages) guarantees safe operation of the building after completion of all works related to repair and construction. Absolutely all stages of arranging the interior and exterior of the building are reflected in the project created by us.

Architects, a design engineer, and designers participate in the design of the reconstruction of the building . Thanks to the project, the order of actions is being developed and construction and repair works are being carried out. And all building materials are purchased with reference to the proposed specification.

In what cases is a reconstruction project necessary?

The project of reconstruction of an old building allows you to see how the house will change after construction and repair work. With its help, the client will be able to make timely corrections. It will be needed in the following cases:

  • purchase of an unfinished house or a house that is in poor condition;
  • there was a need to change the design of the facade;
  • the roof needs to be replaced;
  • when re-planning the premises inside the house;
  • when increasing the area in a house or building due to one more floor;
  • if you need to equip an attic;
  • old housing is morally outdating.

When carrying out the listed measures , the reconstruction project of a private house or any other building will become the basis and reference plan for carrying out work.

Why should you order a house restoration project?

Why do you need a house restoration project ? First of all, the safe restoration of the building

Often, when such works are carried out, serious changes are made to the construction of the house, which are important to accurately calculate and evaluate their impact on both the building structure and the external design of the facade. The project of restoration of a private house will allow to carry out work on strengthening the structure, which will allow the building to withstand additional engineering loads that may appear after the restoration of the old house .

Architectural office "One Project" will help to prepare all documents taking into account existing requirements from state regulatory bodies. After the finished restoration project of the building is in the hands of the customer, he can safely proceed with the purchase of building materials and the beginning of restoration works.

By following the points specified in the documentation, it will be possible to avoid additional costs and significantly save time for the entire complex of works. The house restoration project contains only clear calculations, recommendations and specifications of the materials necessary for carrying out the work.

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