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Design of public buildings

It is almost impossible to build a high-quality public object without qualified development of project documentation and drawing up an action plan step by step.

The design of public buildings is rather a complex process, because even for small buildings, it is necessary to comply with a whole set of standards and requirements for design and their safe operation in the future.

Therefore, only experienced professional teams who have highly specialized certified specialists at their disposal can create a public building project.

"One Project" architectural office specializes in the development of projects for the construction of various public buildings. Due to the accumulated experience in the implementation of similar projects, we are able to provide a full cycle of development - from determining the exterior of the building to creating all the necessary drawings and economic calculations, adhering to the main goal - the construction of safe, reliable, maximally convenient and functional public construction object.

From sketch of the building to complete set of project documentation

What public buildings and structures do we design?

In cooperation with various customers, we develop project documentation for the construction of buildings that are planned to be operated as:

  • shopping centers
  • administrative buildings
  • office buildings
  • railway stations, airports
  • shops
  • restaurants and cafes
  • hotels
  • schools, kindergartens
  • hospitals and medical clinics
  • cinemas, theaters
  • stadiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, spa centers
  • exhibition halls, clubs

This is not a complete list of types of public buildings. Their design is subject to both general rules and those dictated by the functional specifics of the building . All these points are taken into account by us during the process of creating projects.

Design of public buildings: particular qualities of the process

When designing public buildings and structures, it is necessary to take into account many different factors: purpose, special functional characteristics and the possibility of simultaneous stay of a large number of people. Therefore, special attention is paid to the reliability of structures and safe operation of such objects.

When designing a public building, we adhere to certain principles:

  • the object of public purpose, which is being built, should become a harmonious addition to the landscape and surrounding buildings;
  • the design of the facade should have a certain uniqueness and corporate individuality due to the selection of original color design solutions;
  • when calculating the strength of the structure and selecting materials, the peculiarities of climatic conditions must be taken into account: temperature range, amount of precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc.;
  • the building must meet all sanitary and environmental standards, guaranteeing a high degree of safety, comfort and functionality;
  • the building under construction must be provided with a convenient approach for cars and people;
  • security systems are carefully worked out, as well as ways of convenient and guaranteed evacuation of visitors and employees in case of emergencies;
  • the public building being designed must have the possibility of further repair and reconstruction;
  • architectural, planning and constructive decisions must ensure the provision of an optimal cost ratio of operating the building with the income from this activity.

Design of public buildings: subtleties of the procedure

We design the construction of public buildings according to the following algorithm:

  • Preparatory stage. We conduct an analysis of the future construction site. Soil samples are studied. The adjacent territory is analyzed. The wishes of the customer and all the technical nuances of the constructed structure are taken into account, considering its functional application.
  • Development of project documentation. At this stage, our specialists carry out architectural design of public buildings. At the same time, constructive, volumeplanning solutions are worked out, the main parameters are determined, the exterior of the facade and the interior arrangement of the premises are created.

  • Development of engineering systems. Taking into account all current sanitary and hygienic standards, the design of ventilation, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems of public buildings is carried out. The design of water supply, sewage and gas supply systems of public buildings practically do not differ from the same systems in the design of residential buildings. Air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems of public buildings are usually interconnected. Water and air are used as heat carriers. Air conditioning is the most modern way of creating a microclimate in the premises. Such a system is a complex of supply and exhaust ventilation units.
  • Development of special sections. At this stage, the design of the equipment is carried out that is necessary for the full functioning of the organization, which will be located in the facility being built. Depending on the type of planned public housing and its functionality, it is necessary to issue a decision in the following directions:
    • fire security;
    • energy efficiency;
    • accessibility for groups of the population with reduced mobility and the disabled;
    • environmental protection.

These sections are special because different types of public buildings will have different requirements for their content.

  • Development of working documentation. To ensure that the construction process is carried out at the proper professional level, we prepare for the general contractor all the necessary working documentation, which includes: construction drawings, vertical sections of the structure, planning, a list of necessary construction and finishing materials, schemes for laying engineering communications, etc.

The cost of designing public buildings

Each such object being built has specific features and requires careful processing of all its nuances. Therefore, in most cases, the final cost of designing public buildings is individual.

Many factors affect the cost of the project, and it is calculated depending on the complexity of the project based on the planned labor costs of our specialists.

Usually, the price of a public building project starts at UAH 150/m2

Contact us! We will analyze your initial indicators as quickly as possible and form a transparent commercial proposal with an accurate calculation of the cost of building design services, regardless of its purpose - whether it is a shopping or business center, a separate store, restaurant or hotel, school or medical building. As a result, you will receive high-quality project documentation that will comply with all regulatory documents in force on the territory of Ukraine.

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