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Order an architectural project of a townhouse

Ordering an architectural project of a townhouse is becoming more and more popular among residents of Kyiv and the Kyiv region every year. Our design office offers many options for developing individual projects that will not only surprise you with the functionality of the future building, but also satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customers.

A townhouse is a special variant of a low-rise residential building designed for several families, or designed in such a way as to allow its future owner to have the maximum living space on a small plot of land and live in one of the clusters, and rent the rest to various tenants. In addition, this type of building does not spoil the architectural ensemble of the city, but on the contrary, becomes its decoration, unlike standard low-rise square buildings in the shape of a box. The townhouse construction project provides for the presence of its own entrance for each apartment, and in some cases - a garage and a small plot of land. A ready-made townhouse project is the best option for a compromise between a city apartment and a full-fledged country house.

Проектирование таунхаусов

Features of the townhouse project to order

If a decision was made to buy a ready-made townhouse project or to order its development from scratch, citing your preferences, then you should choose a professional design bureau, whose specialists will be able not only to design a townhouse, but also competently advise the customer and help form a clear technical task, taking into account all individual features of the project.

An individual project of a townhouse will make it possible to realize even the most daring ideas of a developer or several families who dream of living nearby. Quite often, housing is designed for two owners in the duplex type, where the apartment is mirrored. But an architectural structure for 3-4 clusters assumes the presence of common walls.

Apartments usually have two levels:

  • first floor: corridor, living room, kitchen, dining room;
  • second floor: bedrooms, dressing room, bathroom.

A garage for a car can also be located on the first level, often underground.

Sometimes there are orders for the design of a one-story townhouse , however the presence of a lower level in the form of a basement floor (basement) and an additional upper room - an attic is assumed here. Such accommodation is equipped with balconies or terraces outside, taking into account the features of the site for construction and the wishes of the customer.

Advantages of townhouses

This type of housing in most cases attracts people belonging to the middle class (in the case of Ukraine, these are entrepreneurs and highly paid professionals working in large companies). This allows owners or tenants to have successful and interesting people as their neighbors. The project of a townhouse, which can be ordered in our design bureau, will allow you to fully enjoy living in it, because such housing has many advantages:

1) Combination of urban comfort with closeness to nature;

2) Availability of a single heating system, a separate garage;

3) Availability of suburban amenities, such as a plot of land or a cellar;

4) There is no common entrance - each owner has his own separate entrance to the apartment, and often, his own garage or parking space;

5) Clear demarcation and zoning of space;

6) The townhouse project and construction has a relatively low price for a high level of amenities;

7) Significant savings on the construction of personal ceilings and walls, compared to a separate individual house.

Such a living area has a couple of disadvantages. This includes more expensive home maintenance compared to a regular apartment. But the numerous advantages of a townhouse make it an ideal housing option for families who want to live with a higher level of comfort than most city dwellers who live in multi-story buildings.

How to design a custom townhouse

The project of a townhouse to order involves a vertical type of planning, reminiscent of a cottage or a private house. If the plans are to create a project of a townhouse of the attic type, then this will be an excellent solution for those who want to get an additional room for an acceptable price.

Each customer who applies to our design office has the opportunity to choose a townhouse project to his liking. This is not only profitable, but also allows you to use yard space more economically and create landscape designs near the house. Our specialists will conduct a full inspection of the area where construction is planned. This will eliminate problems that may be encountered in the future and provide the customer with the highest quality townhouse project.

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