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Design of multi-storey buildings

The largest part of construction in cities is multi-storey buildings. This housing option allows you to save space in the city and at the same time provide housing for a large part of the population. A competently prepared project of a multi-story building will allow you to build a reliable building that will last for more than a dozen years.

The project of a multi-story building, which can be ordered in the design office "One Project", is perfect for those who are ready to realize even the most daring ideas! The design service of multi-story buildings is in high demand among our customers. The project of a multi-story building can include both the construction of a fairly typical standardized building and be created according to individual sketches - its cost will depend on this . Most projects related to multi-storey buildings are developed by us to order from scratch and turnkey.

What is taken into account in the project of an apartment building to order?

In the process of designing multi-apartment residential buildings , it is necessary to study the needs of potential buyers and provide infrastructure facilities of the house, adapted not only for the majority, but also for people with limited physical abilities, old people, families with children, which will help not only to meet the existing DBN , but also to make the building as functional and attractive as possible for the majority of potential buyers.

Design of multi-storey buildings

During the design of residential multi-apartment buildings , not only the needs of the target groups of buyers are anticipated, but also the final cost that is favorable for them . Attention must be paid to the following aspects at this stage:

  • designing apartments of different sizes and number of rooms;
  • planning of commercial premises on the ground floor;
  • arrangement of the surrounding area: recreation areas, playgrounds, parking lots and other infrastructure facilities.

The "One Project" company is ready to develop a project of an apartment building to order of any complexity, in accordance with all norms and requirements of the law.

What do investors choose when designing an apartment building?

If there are plans to create a dense building on a relatively small plot, then investors most often choose a ready-made typical project of an apartment building . It usually belongs to the typical view. Such a project allows you to save on individual solutions for each multi-apartment building and reduce the total cost at the construction stage.

Our office creates projects of multi-apartment buildings that always justify their price . Fast construction, high demand and efficient use of building materials - this is what every investor who applies for design to "One Project" company will get.

Stages of designing a high-rise building

The project of a high-rise building is based on a sketch, which is based on the study of the territory: area, composition of the soil, distance to the nearest buildings, transport junction. In order for the project to comply with all standards, a topographic survey is carried out before the construction of a high-rise building.

At this stage, it will be possible to design a high-rise building , determine and include in the project:

1) total area;

2) the height of the building;

3) number of floors;

4) plan of internal premises.

The sketch project of a high-rise building, which you can order from us, gives a complete idea of the exterior of a multifunctional and high-tech new building.

Development of a project of a high-rise building to order

The construction project of a high-rise building includes the processing of every detail. All elements, such as apartments, parking, utility rooms, recreation area are included in the project. Before drawing up a private project of a high-rise building to order, our experts check the climatic and seismological features of the area. This is necessary in order to create a durable structure.

Our office has significant experience in designing the construction of multi-apartment buildings in Kyiv and the Kyiv region. Contact the professionals!

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