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Design of shopping and entertainment centers

The "OneProject" company offers complex design of shopping centers and shopping complexes.

You can order at our company both the development of project of a large shopping center (shopping and entertainment center) and a small shopping center, or a project of its modernization / reconstruction on a turnkey basis.

We are ready to develop the design of a shopping and entertainment complex in its entirety, including site analysis, soil geology, geodesy, architecture, construction and all engineering of the building with a master plan, as well as a landscaping scheme.

Design of commercial buildings: features of the process

Our specialists, having studied the planned location of the building, your needs, wishes and other technical details, proceed to draw up a detailed technical task. And already on the basis of the developed TOR, they start designing the object: a grocery store, a supermarket or a shopping and entertainment center.

Qualified architectural and structural solutions make shopping areas convenient and multifunctional for both visitors and trade personnel. Competent design of the shopping facility will make it possible to eliminate the possibility of a crowding of buyers not only near the cash registers, but also in the areas where various goods are purchased.

Engineering sections are an integral part of the working project. After all, no matter how professionally planned shopping areas are, they will not be able to function fully without properly organized electricity supply, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewerage.

Experienced specialists of our team skillfully work out all the nuances even at the stage of designing trade halls , guaranteeing the creation of a comfortable microclimate at the facility being built, which specializes in various types of trade.

They will choose everything necessary for this equipment. And also with high professionalism they will think about its optimal location. At the same time, they will draw up schemes for the most hidden laying of all engineering communications.

After agreeing with the customer on all sections, we start creating working construction documentation. It will present:

  • a visual version of the design of the facades in the final color version, which allows, at the request of the client, to emphasize the brand style of the designed shopping and entertainment center or to give the shopping complex or store an original uniqueness, and also, the dimensions of the constructed object will be determined in all dimensions;
  • vertical sections of the building, reflecting the adopted construction decisions, which make it possible to ensure its high strength and reliability;
  • a professionally selected list of construction and finishing materials, which allow to guarantee a long period of operation of the designed shopping complex or retail store;
  • planning solutions for both shopping areas and auxiliary technical premises, security posts and control panels;
  • schemes of optimal laying of all engineering communications.

What will give professionally developed project

The design of a shopping and entertainment complex carried out by qualified specialists of our company will allow:

  • to get a correctly located and oriented building, at the same time, it will not only meet absolutely all requirements and norms, but will also be as aesthetic and recognizable as possible;
  • competently designed internal logistics;
  • the best layout option for merchandise, service, checkout and promotion zones;
  • a well-thought-out scheme of location around the designed shopping center or store of access roads, parking, convenient approach of customers;
  • professionally organized engineering systems that guarantee the creation and maintenance of an optimal microclimate in shopping areas in any season.

Design of shopping and entertainment centers

We are ready to offer the best cost of shopping center design at the most professional level of its execution.

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