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Power supply design of the building

Designing the power supply of the building is one of the most important stages of preparing the house for comfortable operation. In most cases, such a project immediately implies the installation of internal lighting. External lighting, the ability to organize electric heating, rationalize power supply and other communications are important for private houses. When designing the electrical supply of a residential building it is important to foresee the possibility of autonomous power supply, in emergency cases, with the help of generators or on a permanent basis thanks to the use of "home" power plants that produce energy from alternative sources - this will significantly reduce all energy costs and make the use of housing more comfortable.

Power supply design of the building

The cost of power supply design

The design of power supply system of the building is based on the construction and architectural features of the building. To correctly calculate the cost and required power, you need to use the services of professionals - specialists will make calculations based on safety considerations and energy consumption requirements of all systems of the house. Usually, the design of this type of communications takes up at least 25% of the total estimate for the house project.

What does the cost of the entire project depend on:

  • on the area of the premises;
  • on the required list of works;
  • on the energy consumption of all electrical systems and devices of the house.

Power supply project - content

Designing the power supply system of a residential building is a whole set of schemes. It includes:

  • schemes for external and internal power supply,
  • internal wiring diagrams and input devices,
  • detailed calculations of electrical loads.

The design of the power supply is needed not only for new houses - the wiring may also need to be replaced in the old fund. This is a matter of safety and the possibility of connecting more powerful equipment, improving the lighting system, etc. The order of work remains unchanged for any project.

The whole process begins with the receipt of technical specifications for the electrical system device, which indicates the connection point, voltage and load with the maximum indicator.

The preparatory stage includes the selection of materials - wiring, stabilizers, etc. Experts will recommend you a suitable model taking into account your workload and help you choose the best option in terms of price and quality. The uninterrupted operation of the system directly depends on high-quality components.

The design of the electricity supply of residential buildings includes procedures for examination and approval of the project. It is much more convenient to entrust this work to professionals - this way it will be faster and more profitable. After agreement, you can start electrical installation work, and after that - commissioning. If we are talking about work in a private house, independent work will most likely be more expensive and will not guarantee quality. That is why it is better to turn to professionals for the design of the power supply - this guarantees the safety and correct installation of all communications.

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