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Design of fire extinguishing systems

Design of fire extinguishing systems is a mandatory stage for some types of public and commercial buildings. It is clear that residential private houses can also be equipped with such a system - concern for safety will never be superfluous. Designing such systems is a complex process, and therefore requires the attention of professionals, it is definitely impossible to figure it out on your own. The main task of the system is to identify, localize and eliminate ignition sources. The design of an automatic fire extinguishing system requires compliance with clear regulations regarding the performance of the task.

Fire extinguishing system project

The project of the fire extinguishing system includes a number of points:

  • building classification;
  • selection of optimal parameters depending on its type;
  • creating a plan based on basic operational characteristics.

Operational characteristics include the passage of the premises, the distribution of visitors into real and estimated, compliance with the temperature regime. If we are talking about industrial buildings, all factors are taken into account when designing alarm and fire extinguishing systems - the use of loaders, the arrangement of pallets inside racks, and others. A traditional sprinkler system cannot be used in any production or warehouse space precisely because it causes great damage to many materials that can be stored in such a space, and most often in open form - in bulk.

Design of fire extinguishing systems

Therefore, it is necessary to select the system individually for each individual case and select the type of fire-extinguishing system and fire-extinguishing agents based on the individual requirements of each specific object.

At the design stage, not only the types of sensors are selected and the layout of fire system communications is designed, and the locations of fire extinguishing nodes are determined, as well as a system is selected and designed with one of types of substances for fire extinguishing:

  • water
  • gas;
  • foamy;
  • aerosol;
  • powder;
  • Design of fire extinguishing systems.

Coordination of fire extinguishing system project

All principles and stages of the design of the automatic fire extinguishing system , the design standards, must comply with fire extingshing system and GOST and current industry standards. An experienced specialist can tell you more about them, depending on the type of premises, region and specifics - that is why it is important to responsibly approach the issue of choosing a contractor for such works.

The reconciliation process includes several key stages:

  • Selection of equipment - the main criterion here will be compliance with the assessment of a potential fire, its class and possible risks;
  • Calculation of operational efficiency - the speed, with which the equipment is activated, completely determines the duration with which the zone will be processed.
    In its turn, this affects the potential damage to material values;
  • The functional type of the fire extinguishing system is assumed - automatic or manual;
  • The choice of a substance for extinguishing is carried out - and the main thing here is not only efficiency, but also possible damage from the impact on the material
    values of the premises.

Usually, if the conditions and the speed of evacuation of people allow, the choice is stopped on powder or gas agents: they are considered as safe as possible in relation to the funds and the equipment located in them. The norms for the design of fire extinguishing systems fully regulate the selection of funds depending on the danger of the most likely fire for a specific room. The intensity of a possible fire, the speed of its spread, potential damages and all other factors are evaluated.

You should turn to accredited professionals for help in the implementation of such a project - so you can be sure that even at the very initial stage - design, everything will be done qualitatively and in accordance with all regulatory requirements of legislation and safety. If you are interested in the service of installation of fire protection or fire safety systems, including fire alarm, smoke removal and fire extinguishing, we advise you to contact the company "Antifire" . Specialists of this company have more than once implemented projects created in our Architectural Office.

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