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Home heating design

Design of the heating of a house is perhaps the most difficult part of home furnishing. If the house is intended for year-round use, the design of the heating system is necessary, otherwise it is simply impossible to live in such a premise. The design of the heating system affects not only the comfort of staying and living in the house, but also the features of its further operation. In this case, the most important thing is to design the heating system taking into account the following factors:

  • climatic features of the location of the structure;
  • purpose of the building;
  • materials from which all internal and external elements of the building are made;
  • its dimensions;
  • the need to connect to utility networks or to consider a fully autonomous heating system.

Designing an autonomous home heating system

The design of the heating of a private house has its own peculiarities - because this moment depends on the already designed water supply system and usually involves the autonomy of the systems, that is, the boiler heats water for the steam heating system that is located directly in the house or in the boiler room located next to it.

Home heating design

Designing an autonomous heating system of a country house is often more difficult than designing a heating system for a residential building of the same size located within the city limits and connected to the central heating system. This is due to the fact that in the absence of central communications, it will be necessary to organize water supply for the system from its own sources and to heat the water directly through a gas or solid fuel boiler in the house, there are also possible options for designing an electric heating system , but it makes adjustments to the required power of the house's electrical network and the requirements for the latter are growing strongly.

We carry out a full range of design work and design heating and water supply systems for any building for many years

Design features of the building heating system

Designing a heating system for any residential building or industrial facility is definitely not something you should save on. When designing the heating of any building , the following parameters are taken into account:

  • object area;
  • purpose of the building (residential building, public building, office, warehouse, production premises);
  • materials from which the building was built;
  • heat losses in different seasons;
  • climatic conditions and others.

The cost of designing the heating of an apartment building depends on several factors, including the professionalism of the employees. The design price varies depending on several key factors, the main of which are the scale of the building and the level of its accessibility to central communications, that is, the ease of connecting the building to already existing external communications.

Design of the boiler room

A boiler room is the basis of a comfortable life in cold weather, a guarantee of no problems with hot water supply and other necessary benefits. It is important to note that the boiler room has design standards that must be followed. The specialists of our team will professionally design the boiler room, taking into account all the necessary safety requirements, so the design of the boiler room can occupy a significant part of the budget of the joint project of the heating system.

Our specialists will design a heating system with a boiler room for any type of building of any size and complexity with gas boilers or solid fuel boilers.

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