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Design of restaurants or cafes

For those wishing to open their own business, the field of public catering is very interesting from the point of view of investments and their payback.

If you have thought about opening a catering establishment, regardless of its format - whether it is a restaurant, cafe, pub, pizzeria or dining room - their professional design is one of the most important stages.

Without a detailed project of a restaurant, its opening is a very risky business and is most likely doomed to failure.

From the sketch of the restaurant building to passing the examination, inclusive.

Professional development of projects for restaurants

The development of project documentation for a catering establishment should be treated very responsibly. It is better to entrust the development of such projects to a professional architectural office.

Design of restaurants and cafes in Kyiv and Kyiv region

If you plan to open a restaurant or cafe from scratch, you will find a reliable partner for the development of this project in our company.

Although we are located in Kyiv and mainly develop projects for objects in Kyiv and the Kyiv region , thanks to the possibilities of many communication tools and the Internet, we are ready to create a restaurant project located in any corner of Ukraine.

The "One Project" architectural bureau will offer the most effective architectural and structural solutions, effective plan the arrangement of furniture and equipment, and design all necessary communications.

After the implementation of the project developed by us, you will only have to receive an income from each square meter of the premises!

Design features for public catering establishments

First you need to decide on the format and concept of the future enterprise. This directly affects the specifics of project development.

For example, the design of a cafe, pizzeria or dining room usually prioritizes quick service for a large flow of visitors, rather than a spectacular interior, which in turn is very important for restaurants or pubs. The design of pizzerias, sweet-shops and sushi bars should also take into account their requirements for technological processes and kitchen equipment.

When designing restaurants, pubs and bars, other requirements and features appear. In this case, it is necessary to more carefully approach the layout of the hall, to various structures, furniture, partitions, windows and doors, bar counter, etc.

In this way the presence of certain features of a catering establishment, its specifics, location, target audience, assortment, average check, presence of a stage, dance floor, terrace, etc. - significantly affects the design process.

Another very important feature of the design of restaurants , cafes and other public catering establishments is that their operation must comply with regulatory documents on sanitary and fire safety, and the project itself must comply with the construction and technological standards for the design of public catering establishments.

Stages of designing public catering enterprises

Any project begins with the analysis of initial information.

If you have already at least an approximate idea of how you see your future restaurant, then we are ready to start the first stage of its design.

To begin with, our specialists will visit the object , premises or place where the establishment is planned to be opened. This is necessary to obtain the necessary measurements and preliminary expert assessments.

Technical task for the design of a restaurant, cafe, dining room

Data for the development of a catering establishment project may include:

  1. General information about the premises : (for example, a separate two-story building of the frame type that is easily erected, etc.)
    • the actual address of the location of the enterprise
    • type of construction: (new construction / reconstruction)
    • design stage: Sketch project; Project (P); Working documentation (WD); Working project (WP)
  2. General data on the project :
    • the format of the public catering enterprise (canteen / cafe / restaurant, etc.)
    • specialization (therapeutic and preventive nutrition, dietary nutrition, type of cuisine, etc.)
    • the actual address of the location
    • type of construction (new construction / reconstruction)
  3. Project goals
    • Development of space-planning solutions, creation of project and working documentation based on the equipment available to the customer;
    • Development of space-planning solutions, selection of technological equipment, creation of project and working documentation.
  4. Characteristics of the enterprise :
    • number of seats
    • planned productivity (number of visitors per shift)
    • form of service (self-service, through waiters);
    • mode of operation of the enterprise (personnel)
    • number of shifts
    • mode of operation of the canteen for visitors
  5. Technological information :
    • form of production
      • for raw materials (large pieces of meat on the bone, which will be cut and deboned, unpeeled vegetables)
      • for semi-finished products (boneless meat, large and small pieces, peeled vegetables)
      • for semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness (implies minor preparatory operations: mixing ready ingredients, heating dishes before serving)
    • approximate assortment of sold dishes: cold / hot snacks, salads, soups, second dishes, side dishes, drinks, pastries, sweet dishes, fruits; their number and, if necessary, their characteristics.
    • menu features (example: Ukrainian cuisine with a wide range of baked goods)
    • a brief description of the received raw materials, semi-finished products, products (in what form vegetables, meat, fish raw materials, baked goods etc.
    • assortment and strategic amount of raw material stock (three-day, one-week or two-week)
    • for calculating the amount of technological equipment and the size of warehouses - a menu plan for the maximum loaded day with an indication of the number of sold portions
  6. Other information : special requests regarding equipment, the number of distribution lines, the specifics of food for different groups of visitors, the possibility of providing catering service based on the production facilities, the possibility of organizing and holding banquets in the sales hall, etc.
  7. Details (legal and actual addresses of the object, payment and legal details of the customer's company, surname and initials of the manager)
  8. Dimensional drawing of the premises with an indication of the main engineering communications on it;
  9. When replacing equipment — the specification of the old equipment with notes on the quality and functional features of the new equipment

After receiving the initial information, it is analyzed by specialists and a design specification is drawn up , which specifies the requirements and initial data for designers (architects, designers, builders and engineers).

Further design work is carried out in accordance with this document and supplemented by our creative approach.

As a result, projects can be created:

  1. Technological
  2. Architectural
  3. Engineering
  4. Design project

1. Technological project

When the premise does not have zoning yet and are at the stage of design or construction, we will be able to offer you a space-planning solution.

It defines the connection between the organization of the technological process , production shops from the area of reception of raw materials to the delivery of ready meals, workplaces and technological lines, taking into account all sanitary requirements and state regulations.

If the premise has already walls or partitions between shops and premises, then our technologist-designer will place the technological equipment in accordance with your wishes and taking into account his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of organization of technological processes in the field of public catering.

Such an arrangement of equipment and furniture on the plan will show the efficiency of the use of space , will help to avoid any intersections of technological flows and will optimize the organization of employees' workplaces and their movement across zones.

2. Architectural solution

This document may contain information about floor plans of the building, construction of partitions, fasteners and sections, areas of premises, consumption of materials, etc.

3. Engineering design

The restaurant project includes information about various engineering communications : ventilation, heating, water and electricity supply, sewage. For this, plans of engineering systems , as well as a scheme for calculating electricity consumption and costs of cold and hot water, are drawn up.

Engineering design can consist of:

  • architectural solution
  • electricity supply
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • water supply
  • sewage

4. Design project

Most future restaurant owners are very serious about the exterior of their establishment. Depending on the concept of the restaurant or cafe, we will create a design project with a harmonious facade and landscape of the territory, interior decoration and arrangement of furniture, materials and decorative items. And 3Dvisualization, obtained with the help of advanced software, will allow the customer to assess as clearly as possible how his institution will look

What the restaurant project from "One Project" gives the client

  • competently thought out, functional and comfortable planning of the establishment, which allows the business to function effectively
  • technological equipment will be placed taking into account the progressive trends in the ergonomics of the space and the organization of the workplace of the kitchen staff
  • individual stylish design of the exterior and interior of the restaurant, which will become the business card of the establishment
  • a competently developed three-dimensional model of the building with all the details
  • professionally developed technical drawings for all internal engineering systems, including ventilation, heating, water and electricity supply, sewage
  • qualified calculation of all load-bearing structures of the building, capable of withstanding the load of the floors and the roofing system.

Restaurant project: development algorithm from "One Project"

We design a catering facility according to a certain algorithm:

  • We analyze the initial information from the customer. We create design tasks.
  • We perform the architectural section . Having familiarized ourselves with the wishes of the client, we develop the construction of the building. We are working on the design of the facades. We are preparing a space-planning solution. We make proposals for the rational placement of technological equipment, arrangement of the visitor service area.
  • We are working on construction solutions. We calculate all the characteristic components of the building structure, which ensure the reliability and durability of its operation. We select options for the most progressive construction and finishing materials, which allow us to give the institution not only reliability, but also an elegant style.
  • We create engineering solutions. We design restaurant ventilation, water supply, electricity and heating systems. We offer options for the most rational laying of engineering communications.
  • We develop a design project for a restaurant or cafe. We will create such an exterior and interior that will encourage you to enter your establishment, and after the visit there will be a desire to return there many more times.

Our company is ready to design a turnkey restaurant or cafe. This means that in addition to direct development, we will be able to advise you on any issue related to the development of a project for a sweet-shop or restaurant, as well as provide constant control over its implementation.

Why should you order a restaurant project from us?

  • Experience in the development of projects in the field of catering
  • Our specialists well know the restaurant business and are familiar with professional equipment
  • We design and offer only the necessary equipment for work and, unlike equipment suppliers, do not try to impose unnecessary or more expensive equipment for the purpose of making money, the main factor is production necessity
  • We involve restaurant business specialists in the project. This additionally guarantees the implementation of the project in accordance with all regulations and practical requirements.

How much does a restaurant project cost?

In most cases, the final cost of a restaurant or cafe construction project is purely individual, just as each restaurant is individual.

The price is influenced by many factors, which are revealed during the analysis of the initial data for the design. The cost is calculated basing on the labor costs of our specialists and the complexity of the project. It usually starts from UAH 150/m2.

Contact us! We will analyze your initial data as quickly as possible and form a transparent commercial offer with an exact calculation of the cost of services.

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