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Construction project of residential complex «Family-2»

Residential complex «Family-2»

The residential complex "Family-2" is a modern, self-sufficient, comfortable and friendly complex for every resident in the suburbs of Kyiv, in the village of Gatnoe, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

Detailed information about the residential complex "Family-2" can be found on the website of the construction company:

Description of the project of the residential complex «Family-2»

A complex where you feel at home from the first step on the territory. This area is the most perspective for the construction of new buildings. The best investment of your money in square meters.

Residential complex "Family-2" is a harmonious combination of nature and low-rise buildings, current design with maximum functionality. Fresh air, silence - the main advantages of modern life outside the city.

"Family-2" - a 4-story residential complex in 8 sections with built-in non-residential premises, with a well-thought-out and comfortable interior space: a children's playground, an adult recreation area, a sports ground, alleys with lounge areas, bicycle and car parking spaces , and of course, an area for walking pets. Planning for every taste from 37 sq m to 88 sq m.

Create a family, open your own business, enjoy life, achieve success - all this can be realized by living in the "Family-2" residential complex.

Kindergarten on the territory of the complex, nearby Gatnenska school, all amenities for parents and their children.

We know that many residents have already their own business or are planning to open one. We know that having a business near the house is convenient. That is why part of the first floors of the complex is intended for a non-residential fund of various scales.

Location Teremky metro station - 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes by public transport or 20 minutes on foot, which is much more convenient than in most sleeping areas of the city.

Our possibilities for designing residential buildings and complexes are not limited to only those projects that we publish on our website. At your order, we are ready to create a unique project for the construction of residential facilities of any complexity!


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