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Office design project

The design studio of the One Project company implemented an office project for the "First Construction Expertise" company. We provided the customer with a full range of services from concept development to final implementation.

We faced the task of creating an office interior design that provides an ergonomic and functional space for comfortable work and creativity.

Specialists of our design studio took into account all the nuances and wishes of the customer, and based on the company's corporate standards and the specifics of the business, developed an office design that meets all modern trends in design and allows to increase the productivity of employees and emphasize the status of the company for its visitors.

The design of the office of the "First Construction Expertise" company is one of our first commercial works, and we are very glad that the customer did not limit us to any limits and gave us the opportunity to realize all our ideas. There were moments that we had to defend, but in the end everything was realized in the design of the office project exactly as we planned.

Among the tools that our designers used in this project, and that we would like to highlight, are transparent glass walls that create a feeling of expanded space, natural lighting, natural materials, a combination of heavy oak, which we used for the production of countertops, and cold stainless steel, bright accents in the form painting on the walls and green areas in the interior of the office.

One of our tasks was to create a functional space as comfortable as possible for the staff. Moreover, we did it in secret, only the company managers knew about the details of the project.

"First Construction Expertise" has already moved to a new office. Now we can say with confidence that the surprise was a success, not only the employees were satisfied, but also all the guests who visit this office.

The result of the developed office interior design

The customer about the developed office interior design

Yuriy Pidlisny, director of "FCE" company, told what makes the interior of the office special , how it changed the attitude of employees to the work space and why the kitchen became a favorite room in the office.

"We started our activities two years ago in a small office in Podil, with an area of only 74 square meters. Over time, we expanded, and this space became insufficient. The question arose as to which premises to move to: rented or our own, which we will do exclusively as we want. The decision was made to buy our own premises and realize our wishes there

We break patterns and stereotypes

Usually, expert organizations are associated with some kind of soviet, the old regime. We wanted to change the attitude to this case, including through the design of the office. It was important for us that the office was located in the city center, because it is convenient for the main part of our customers. But the presence of a metro station nearby turned out to be not so important, although in the end it was not far to go to the nearest one.

The main concept that is embedded in the design of the office is openness. We wanted that even through the design of our interior, the employees and the partners of our company can understand, that our task is to be as open as possible, useful, helpful, not creating obstacles. Actually, we implemented this in the design and architectural solution .

We made the office transparent so that our design partners come here not as hard labor, but to a place where the knowledge that they want to share is located. That is why we have a round table where you can hold meetings, there are workplaces for both our employees and our partners.

Comfort in the office - for everyone We developed the design of the office primarily for employees, but in such a way that visitors, guests, and our partners would also feel comfortable coming here and even working here.

Our office is young, although the experts are people mainly of the older generation. Of course, they had reservations about our idea of open space . Their main wish was a separate office for everyone. But we could not afford it either in terms of space or concept. However, when we finished decorating the office, our older employees loved everything. They have comfortable workspaces in the common rooms, but if they need to be alone to talk to someone or just to work on documents, they can use the meeting room, conference room or kitchen. In the warm season, our balconies are also suitable for this, where we bring soft armchairs-poufs.

It was always unclear to me why employers underestimate their employees, why they do not care about the comfort of their stay at work . After all, employees are people, also highly qualified specialists. They deserve a comfortable desk and chair, good lighting, a comfortable temperature in the room, good ventilation, and finally, a comfortable kitchen where you can eat properly. There is considerable competition in the personnel market. And it often happens that people agree to a lower salary just because they are more comfortable with the comfortable conditions at another employer. Now the kitchen and green areas are favorite locations of our employees.

In our previous office, unfortunately, there was no space for a kitchen. We were able to allocate literally a corner for these needs where there was only space for a microwave oven and where only one person could sit. This made us very sad. Therefore, in the new office, we took a very responsible approach to this issue. In our new kitchen, you can store food in the refrigerator, heat it up, make tea and coffee and, most importantly, eat at a comfortable table at any time, alone or with colleagues or partners. Our kitchen is a place for receiving food and guests, if there is such a need.

The latest technologies in the office design project Our office uses "smart home" technology , which allows us to manage optimally lighting, air temperature in the room, and ventilation. And all this can be done remotely, from a smartphone. For lighting, we used, of course, exclusively energy-efficient LED lamps, as well as motion sensors, thanks to which the light intensity is regulated. A little later, we will also install automatic blinds, which, in particular, will help to block the sun's rays in the summer. To provide heat in the office, we installed heat pumps and insulated the premises.

I can admit that there are some ideas that we have not been able to implement in this office. For example, I would like to have my own game room with set-top boxes, a gym, showers and a lounge with a full sofa. Unfortunately, we did not have enough space for this. But if we are going to open a second office in Kyiv, we will certainly bring these ideas to life with the help of the design studio "One Project ". For reference. LLC "First Construction Expertise" specializes in the comprehensive examination of construction projects for full control over the correctness of their construction. The company has been operating on the market for more than two years, has branches in all regions of Ukraine, so it provides services throughout the country regardless of the location of the construction object, its purpose and class of consequences.

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