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Security systems project

A high- quality project of the security system is a guarantee of the correct functioning of the system and a guarantee of the comfort and peace of mind and safety of its users. The security system project service is a whole complex of works to ensure the safety of people and the preservation of property.

The complex includes:

  • selection of equipment,
  • calculation of systems,
  • development of drawings and coordination of all necessary documentation.

Ordering a complex design service will you allow not to worry about the fact that you have lost something and create a single integrated security system that can consist of the following separate systems:

  • security and alarm systems;
  • access control and management systems;
  • security video surveillance systems;
  • flood prevention systems;
  • fire protection systems.

How to order a security system project

Both the construction company and the owner of the building/territory or his representative can order a security system project.

The set of services includes the designing of the following system components:

  • fire alarm;
  • security alarm system;
  • fire extinguishing;
  • warning and evacuation control system;
  • video surveillance;
  • perimeter protection.

It is possible to create three-dimensional projects for greater visibility - services are discussed with the customer

Stages of designing security systems

Designing security systems includes several steps:

  • Pre-design - at this stage, the general territory is surveyed, the goals and components of the system that will be implemented are determined. Based on the results of the
    work, a preliminary TOR is created - a draft of the technical task, which summarizes the types of systems being created and their individual elements, the following actions
    and the purposes for which they are carried out;
  • Development of TOR - creation of a complete technical task, based on all identified aspects of the future system's operation. From this stage, the creation of the project
    begins. The more professional and detailed the TOR for the design of technical, fire or complex safety systems is drawn up , the more qualitative and detailed the project
    will be, which is the basis of the future system;
  • Project development. This stage is completely tied to communication with the customer. Text and graphic materials are provided, which can be used to describe in detail
    all solutions for the creation and reconstruction of existing security systems;
  • Development of documentation. This is the official stage at which all documents reflecting the essence of the work carried out are fixed. At this time, the resource
    intensity, volume of work, amount of equipment and, accordingly, the total budget are determined. Documents for the design of the object's security system are being
    developed after approval. Contains tables and drawings, connection plans, etc.;
  • Estimating is one of the results of project activities, which clearly determines the exact cost of the entire project and individual elements in terms of equipment and works,
    including installation and commissioning.

All documents are drawn up in accordance with the regulations and in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation at the time of drafting. In other words, the accredited and highly qualified experts of our company will create for you the highest quality project, on the basis of which the complex security system will be created with no less quality .

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