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Access control system design

The access control and management system (ACMS) allows you to protect objects from unauthorized entry of outsiders into the premises. It increases safety and, in the event of an emergency, reacts immediately. The design of the control system is the most important stage before putting the system into operation, both in a private house and in the building of any organization.

The ACMS project is based not only on a set of autonomously working elements, which are designed to solve simple tasks related to ensuring the safety of the building. It also includes a comprehensive system that is responsible for fulfilling the specific requirements of the customer. Our specialists will help you draw up a competent project, making it as adapted as possible to the type of building

Why do you need an access control project and its management system?

The access control system is installed in almost every enterprise: in a bank, hotel or residential complex, in an office building or a government structure. In some cases, the design of ACMS is simply necessary and of great importance. The main purpose of use is to ensure the safety of property and employees who are inside the facility.

After the installation of the system, the customer will have authorized access to all closed premises, as well as full control over them. At the same time, the design of remote access to the entire building is envisaged.

The electronics will record all the passes made through the control sensors, including attempts to enter the premises. The development of the ACMS allows you to configure it to work with fingerprints, magnetic keys or cards.

Access control system design

The purpose of ACMS:

  • visitor access control;
  • accounting of all employee movements;
  • activation of limited access to specialized or closed parts of the building;
  • recording of timesheets based on time worked;
  • temporary / permanent monitoring of opening / closing of doors or barriers;
  • recording of all traffic violations.

But for the system to work smoothly, a specially developed project is necessary.

The main stages of the development of the ACMS project

The development of the project by our specialists begins with the accounting of a number of factors and parameters: the number of people visiting the territory, the functional capabilities of all electrical equipment, the area of the building. Design engineers will help the customer understand the design of access control . The specialists of our bureau are well versed in all modern developments.

The project begins to consist of an explanatory note, which prescribes the main parameters, goals, purposes and assigned functions. After that, the development of the project of access control systems is carried out with the help of a scheme indicating engineering and technical solutions. Various drawings are attached that will allow you to determine the location of the access point and fence. The specification indicating manufacturer, marking, type and parameters of the system must be included. If necessary, you can order a presentation of the software and a three-dimensional model of the entrance group.

The ACMS project: a typical solution

The system installation project is always individual for a specific customer. For this reason, the installation and development of the ACMS is carried out with the help of a detailed description of the principle of operation and tactics of the security system.

It is also recommended to connect the ACMS with other protection units: fire alarm, video surveillance, and others. Our company will help to draw up a high-quality project of this system at any facility.

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